What exactly are Khodams?


Right after researching a variety of religions by means of talking with various experts/shamans and by means of literature we like the Islamic definitions of the spirit planet because it appears to become among the most in depth, total and obvious cut. However we'll also contain understanding with regional spiritual understanding and understanding from other religions for any complete understanding from the spirit globe.

The human race was produced by God and regarded as among the best amongst all generation on this earth. The Malaikat (Angels), Humans, Jinns adopted by Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis were designed with their very own intent and goal by Allah/God. Syaitan, Ifrit and Iblis are akin to demonic beings but of different levels, we do wish to provide them space on this site, you are cost-free to understand about them by undertaking your very own study. To bring a khodam into our realm it requires several days of fasting at times 40 times depending around the kind of magick used as there are numerous methods/rituals in South East Asia. They may be different from Djinn/spirits. Largely khodams usually do not do hurt other folks. They may be male and female as humans are are granted energy by God to assist humans within their life. They've light bodies.

The word Jinn is an Islamic phrase within the Arabic language which is blanket phrase masking nearly all beings that are non human. They consist of even dead human spirits that have not moved on to the light-weight but alternatively linger about in specific houses areas etc and in addition, it addresses the myriad of beings that reside within this and other realms parallel to ours. Jinns had been created from the element of fireplace as people have been designed in the element of earth. You will find a myriad of races of beings in our globe co-existing with us and in the unseen world. Besides the variations among them are a lot more profound when compared with races amongst human beings. They vary tremendously in look, powers, and also other factors. A lot of men and women think that Djinns will provide them with all they need but remember to be aware that believing in Allah SWT/God almighty have to arrive initial, usually do not be carried absent by statements of many sellers and people that these Djinns will deliver you all which you need this can be top us astray from the straight route.

One of the most common beings you'd most likely find on our website and among the Malaysians and Indonesians would be the Orang Bunian. These beings have a lengthy standing background in South East Asia. Even so there are also reduce level bunians as well as other beings of decrease ranges that usually wait or are caretakers of specific areas like rivers, trees and so forth they may be named �Penunggu�. A number of the other beings are creatures for example Jelambang (Gnomes), Demit (a sort of demonic spirit or syaitan/setan), one more is Lelembut (kind of trouble producing invinsible spirit) and lastly Siluman which are human ghosts. Dewas (Usualy Orang Bunian/Bunian Folks and Angels/Malaikat) and Peri (fairies ie. AJ Meng Nang Rab Amulet) befriend one another however they tend to not like mixing with Lelembut, Demit and Jelambang. Bunian men and women as an example are quite keen on Humans and have been identified to exist in harmony with the human type.

In Hinduism, Buddhism and also Malaysia and Indonesia the word Dewa/Deva or Thewa in Thailand equates to those beings that are servitors to God/Allah or else recognized as Wali Allah which equates to "friend" or servitor of God. When in Thailand we seasoned orbs amassing around an location when chanting was performed by an Ajahn (Thai Shaman), individuals informed us the Thewas (Dewas) are current therefore they appear inside the orb form. Usually orbs are benign and never develop any difficulties but you can find some that do generate disturbances as they are numerous sorts beings as explained but we're not able to see their accurate form merely their power form which is in the orb form. For those of you which might be not familiar with an orb some would say it truly is spirit power formed inside a spherical form.

Therefore when we're purchasing khadamic/khodamic products we need to make certain that the khodams which might be in the maximum level. That's the explanation among our favorite items for ourselves and also the product we most sought out for our internet site and ebay shop are Higher Degree Bunian or Angelic getting stones which are extracted in the parallel realm following rituals have already been accomplished for effective transfer on the khodam by the mercy of Allah SWT/God. From our private expertise they may be probably the most powerful not merely in physical expertise (warmth, orb sightings, communication capability) but it is also widespread information that those of high level within the parallel planet could be able to exert far more power to acquire factors completed for you personally as much as they can. Despite the fact that many people think that ghosts may have the ability to help them and yes to some they may well have assisted them but we find befriending the larger degree beings the most rewarding.

Based on a number of the Bunian individuals by themselves (forest dwelling elves hybrid inter-dimensional spirit beings), they've said that they're an amalgamation in the Jin realm and human, they don't live inside the identical amount of Ghosts but reside inside a kind of kayangan (heaven) that is created by God for their existence... subhan Allah.

You'll find Shamans who're capable to cross more than to their realm at particular soft places within our planet which permits entry into their planet. Specific normal folks such as you and I have and can enter in to the parallel realm even so their specific circumstances that have to be followed. Entry is also limited to specific people who are allowed through the Orang Bunian to enter. Also a lengthy fasting procedure is generally necessary that is requires only eating white rice once ahead of dawn and as soon as soon after sunset which is practiced for seven days. Those which have gone by way of have documented that realm on the Orang Bunian is much like ours with residences and also the men and women look just like humans, even so they're not as technologically advanced. They live a significantly easier method of existence. Based on a man who experienced gone more than he said that he acquired the invitation to consume a cup of tea within their realm by an Orang Bunian he stated that the tea doesn't taste and smell as good as inside our realm. Which is most likely why they value the scents that we've got within our realm. The Orang Bunian 0have governments, courts, kings and religions similar to us. You'll find great rather than so good Orang Bunian but compared to people they vast majority of them are much better behaved they do not have a lot of social ills and difficulties as people.

Now a little bit about maintaining other forms of spirits. Since we are typically questioned for powerful Jinns to be offered. We've got nonetheless sold some spirit/ghost talismans/amulets from Thailand since it truly is more common in Thailand but need to only do this provided that they've an comprehending of what they're carrying out since it is a responsibility and never as easy as caring for Khadamic Stones. Like as an example in Thailand "Kumanthong" are spirits of younger kids who have died by way of particular situations and have not moved on for the light-weight. In Thailand some Shamans and Monk cum Shamans have told us that the these child beings will evolve faster if they are able to help others and by doing so assist on their own to visit the light. This really is a single aspect of the story. Nevertheless some believe that they are poor spirits which are forcefully bound to talismans/items. The Kumanthong story can be traced back from the warrior cum magick master referred to as Khun Paen who cut out the fetus of his unborn kid from his lifeless spouse and gave the spirit and opportunity to live with lifestyle with him as his son.

Nonetheless you appear at it they may be kept for by individuals for various purposes to seek revenge, to defend a premise and to entice far more customers to types store or organization. Keeping them is really a responsibility like obtaining a child, they've to become fed meals and drinks, and incensed placed every day. They are the conditions of keeping them, in any other case they will trigger more damage than excellent to its keeper. Therefore we have many people from foreign nations requesting strong Jinns but don't understand the implications of maintaining such beings. It really is not merely now but generational and following death. Hence before one passes on one particular needs to spirit to an individual else to take care of it, if indeed the spirit hasn't already moved on. For example in Thailand the kumanthong spirit includes a existence span, when they have accumulated adequate merit to move in to the mild and or be reborn will they move on. It truly is noteworthy that many people use pendulum dowsing and other techniques to communicate with these spirits.

Khadamic Stones also have a level of responsibility that include them, they just shouldn't be left apart and neglected. A number of the beings which have provided the stones to the shaman have said they experienced invested plenty of time treating these stones so that they've a optimistic effect on its wearer. Also that they are going to intercede, where feasible. And so the least we can do is dap a little one thousand flower oil for them to take pleasure in and talk with them. They usually do not demand smoke for meals like some Jinns do but just appreciate good scents. Hence you'll find that upkeep of some of our khodamic items only require certain scents to become utilized on the stones.

Appearances, Feelings Sightings, Attunement and Premonitions

Parts of the segment is recurring in the Q&A area being an answer to a customer�s query. But we thought it be essential to reiterate this area. These beings (Orang Bunian or otherwise) may appear to some in orb kind as in our residences flying around when they arrive to visit, from our encounter generally about complete moon and new moon. They may be also in a position to get on other kinds based on kind of khodam one keeps. Keepers of khadamic stones extracted from the unseen realm have noted seeing orbes flying about their properties, about them or other visual experiences. We at suvrna.com have experienced flickering tiny white/green dots appearing, auric colours like green, indigo blue and red and orb sightings. During Dzikir the auric green and white lights/dots appear to seem and at home the orbs are often sighted at plain sight. Animals especially cats may chase them about the house, stare at them and follow them. If you see your cat behaving within this fashion it really is almost certainly since it has spotted one particular or far more of them. We have experienced they seem in dreams and communicate a lot of items from matters for example their name to showing us their realm to showing us mundane factors which might be going to take place in our existence soon to extremely important items which might be gonna come about in our existence or to warn us if danger is about the corner. It really is often challenging to decipher what can be a dream what is actually a message from the khadam.

Emotions & Sightings
Any intense feeling that comes from the Khadamic stones can be a consequence of their intense power. Various people have diverse experiences with what they feel. As already visible inside our FAQ section of our site. We�ve already answered a similar question to this. Just since the merchandise is robust in power doesn't mean it doesn't like us. It indicates the energy is strong as basic as that. It goes without saying one need to only wear what one particular feels physically uncomfortable wearing on one�s body. If you feel uncomfortable wearing them or the energy is too powerful then keep them somewhere above waist level.
We've got knowledgeable a myriad of feelings when holding these products like: involuntary muscle twitching, intense power rising in the item into the heart/chest location, cold sweat, dizziness, coldness as an alternative of heat and pressure/opening from the crown and/or brow chakra. This normally occurs when holding the stones and chanting mantras/dzikir when some stones are held. Emotions differ from person to particular person due to the fact everyone is physically and psychically diverse. But in contrast there are some ppl who don't feel anything at all. These people spiritually sensitive sufficient to feel these energies but majority of folks from our expertise usually feel something or relatively.
Khadam Ayat
We want to briefly mention about Verse Khadams or Khadam Ayat. It truly is commonly expertise that particular verses from the Quaran have khodams that may be activated. That is a science all on its own but basically it demands chanting (Dzikir) repetitions which can be within the thousands. That is much like practices in Hinduism when certain mantras are chanted to gain "siddhi" on the mantra, then only will the mantra be powerful. on the regular basis for period of time. Via this practice the khodam will make itself present along with the practitioner can make their wishes known. This has been experienced through the writer however but isn't capable to divulge the practice as that is one of the rules, it can only be handed on if that individual has been provided a "key" to pass this knowledge on to other individuals. The writer is working towards accomplishing that and hopefully one day will be capable of pass this expertise on to other individuals. It is suffice to say the energy might be felt on the body especially the hands, legs and face. Lights appear along with the feeling is unique. Even among our team members who is not Muslim who is really Christian but is open to all religions has tried the Khadam Ayat practice with fantastic success and needless to say what type of effect it will have for all those which can be Muslim. When the khadams seem they typically appear in small white or green dots and intense heat could be felt by some other feel a myriad of other feelings like defined in the last paragraph. We're considering drawing up a programme to bring this to the globe, its is at present work in progress for us.


We advice though there can be a specific element of faith that's positioned in religion and these things, one particular should always try to remain logical rather than get carried absent. Don't stray from your main religious practice. In Islam this would equate to a Syirik act. When we forget God and place a lot more importance on other spirit beings other than God. By no means forget that even these products are empowered by means of the grace of God and we should never ever lose sight of God. They can be our friends but not live based on them. We as humans possess the power to change our route in lifestyle and our decisions create the outcomes of our future. Therefore we are able to ask for assistance to make the correct decisions and to be guided but we ultimately and also the masters of our destiny. Even if one believes in Karma nothing is a lot more effective than the human will, these Khadams supply assist inside the spiritual amount of things and never always bodily. They can't build a house for us even so they could guide you on making the appropriate decisions or arrange scenarios to allow to the correct job to come your way.

Extraction of heritage items in the unseen realms.

The objective of this article is to expose to the English speaking globe for the existence of beings from the unseen realm and furthermore how items are extracted from the other realm. In South East Asia it is not uncommon to know of items which have been extracted from the jin realm or unseen realm/s. Nevertheless its time the rest on the planet comes to know about it. It is with great reverence for the other realm that we write this article in order that other individuals could be aware of their existence. We think that all are governed by God one of the most maximum even so the existence from the parallel realm is really a reality that cannot be denied.

It you've lived in South East Asia you've probably currently heard in the word Alam Ghaib (Unseen Realm), which is generally synonymous together with the word Orang Bunian. These individuals that live within the forest are mentioned to become a sort of Jin spirits. The Orang Bunian are a race of invincible folks which are recognized to reside in the forests. Some think the Orang Bunian are a form of invincible beings in the "Jin" category which have supernatural powers and are fond of helping humans. There have also been reported cases of individuals in no way returning as soon as they entered the parallel reality. Time is said to pass at a considerably slower pace inside the parallel realm, as an example 45 mins in their realm equates to 5 hours inside our realm. The different some are horned beings with hairy bodies and wings, other people are vampire beings that are about 1 foot in size the description of the reminds me in the famous Jenglot, you'll find also Hobbits (Huqni) and Elves. A few of these beings are like Hobbits, Elves as well as the horned beings have been described in western mythology for centuries. It is impossible for two separate cultures around the on two separate ends on the globe to collude around the creation of these so named imaginary beings just before they even met. For those that have experienced these realms it is undeniable real. Some would say this is all hogwash other folks may say they're creations on the devil but we leave it up to the person to make up their mind. A single thing for certain, discuss of these have been around because time begun.
By way of the various types of beings that are stated to exist within this parallel realm one of the most commonly referred to is the Orang Bunian. These beings get married have children live in cities significantly like ours. Some cities are said to become old fashioned whereas some are significantly far more modern. They've kings, rulers and an organised society. You'll find those kings with large locations under them and some with smaller areas under their rule.


For centuries Indonesian and Malaysian shamans that are adept happen to be communicating with these beings for various reasons. Among which is to receive heritage items that is certainly mentioned to afford benefits to its keeper. These products are usually khodamic and quite old in age. A few of the items are stated to become of human origin which happen to be kept inside the parallel realm whereas others are of unknown origin like from the other realm. For any shaman to become in a position to enter their realm or exchange will demand him to fast to get a period of time by way of example forty days. During this time he can only break fast with white rice and plain water, or some eat only fruit when breaking fast. The fast lasts day-to-day from dawn till dusk. To conduct the exchange procedure the shaman has to become not simply be considered a psychic but also have high concentration and focus. He has to become capable to spiritually fence and defend himself in the event of any untoward situations. Knowledge on inner energy strategies and silat non secular tactics is important. When at the place for exchange the shaman will be able to perceive in the spiritual dimension where to go to the exchange procedure. Some receive dreams before hand and are advised exactly where to go.
In any case, the exchange method needs something to become given in return to the products received. This really is generally apel jin and a myriad of other oils including white zafarron oil, misik oil and jasmin oil etc. Also other products for example various forms of incenses, cloths too as other things are provided. Particular verses are read and communication begins together with the beings from the other realm. The shamans will probably be drawn to an location where certain lights will seem, some lights are white in colour and seem from the sky coming down onto earth, whereas some just glow in an region like at the base of tree, some appear flickering in distance. The products will then seem either on their very own along with the shaman or a person needs to use their 6th sense normally by adhering to vibration or heat and find the item where the lights appeared or often the shaman has to become pull the things out from the light, occasionally they simply seem by means of a white cloth. We've some videos below which will give you a much better idea of the procedure.
Here we are gonna expose to the English speaking globe some documentary clips that aired on Indonesian TV. We'll briefly translate the dialog in the videos for that benefit of all non Malay/Indoensian talking readers. Dua Dunia (Two Worlds) is actually a documentary investigating the legitimacy of supernatural statements by people in certain regions around Indonesia. It may also show us how certain stones, kerises as well as other items are uncovered or extracted in the other realms. There are beings inside the other realms that get care or servitors of an location or things. They are occasionally men and women who've lived inside our realm as humans and have now died into the other realm and you can find some which can be of non-human origin that exist only inside the other realm.
In component 3 of the video clip Umi (the channel/medium) using the ancient spirit inside of her guides the spiritual experts and the reporter to discover a stone that she says is hers. The ancient spirit known as Nyai tells them to follow a red light-weight. Soon a stone is uncovered. The stone based on the spirit belongs to her and represents the principles in the ancient civilization (Sriwijaya) that lived there. She says that the colors red represents spirit, victory and white victory. Victory will arrive to those with a pure heart.